Jodie A

Jodie A. | Female

User since December 2021

Stage IV Endometriosis, Frozen Pelvis & Fibromyalgia

“Before I started using OptiBio I had a laparoscopy to remove stage 4 endometriosis after 8 years of pain and symptoms that majorly affected my QoL (quality of life).  Like a lot of people with stage 4, the surgery only minorly alleviated my symptoms and I still had migraines, joint pain, IBS symptoms, and fibromyalgia-related issues. 

I was lucky enough to trial the OptiBio and found relief of some symptoms within the week.  My light sensitivity has greatly improved and since starting the OptiBio I have not had any migraines.  After a few weeks, my joint pain became manageable and my insomnia has improved immensely.  After a couple of months, I noticed that the general muscle fatigue and aches I usually feel everyday had lightened immensely.  I also no longer experience sciatic pain in my hip.

Being diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses at the age of 24 years old has changed the course of my entire life.  the OptiBio helps me feel like I have more control over my body.  It has greatly improved not just my QoL but also my self-confidence while decreasing the anxiety I feel about my condition.”

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