Jane F

Jane F 60-65, female

Wound Recovery, Pain Management, Sleep Quality, Cognitive Decline, Energy Level  

I consider OptiBio to be one of the very best things that I have ever done for myself. Initially, I tried it because my brother had been using it for several months and there was a visible difference in his day-to-day demeanour, which he attributed to OptiBio.Four years later, OptiBio sessions have become almost a daily ritual for me. Listening to the sound of the rain as OptiBio Sound Therapy does its work is relaxing in itself, but the true benefits stack one upon the other with its consistent use: The first thing I noticed was how much more energy I have. And it is stable energy – gone are the highs and lows that I would normally experience throughout the day. At 63 years of age, I am able to work 4-5 horses in a day and then do it again the next day. My brain fog has greatly diminished. The early morning haziness that I dealt with every day is a thing of the past. January 2018 I had a brutal 6-week sciatica attack that left the right side of my right calf down over the top of my foot completely numb. It took several weeks of daily OptiBio sessions before I saw improvement, but gradually the feeling started to return to my leg and foot. I have about 75% of the feeling back in my leg and foot, but if I miss a number of treatments a burning sensation will occur as a precursor to the activation of the numbness. In July of 2020, a horse jumped on my foot full force. The bruising and swelling were immediate. My baby toe was tubular in shape. 48 hours and 2-3 hour OptiBio treatment after the injury the bruising was almost gone and the pain was greatly diminished. The swelling in my foot was minimal after 4 daily treatments. Daily treatments kept the pain in check as the broken toe healed.

I have also noticed that my OptiBio sessions have greatly improved my complexion. The dark circles under my eyes are no longer the first thing you notice when you see me. My complexion is brighter and I have had people comment on how the lines in my eyes and mouth are receding.  Feel better, look better? OptiBio is a no-brainer for me.

Photos of broken bones in the foot after a horse injury:  

Used OptiBio while sleeping 3:00 am – 6:00 am.   

48 hours after injury occurred.  “Swollen butalmost no bruising and less pain”

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