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Optimum Bio Sound Therapy is currently only available in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand

Who could benefit from Optimum Bio Sound Therapy?

For over 8 years OBST users have reported relief from a wide range of pain levels associated with varying conditions. Many users have also reported experiencing other related benefits in areas such as sleep quality, healing and wound recovery, reduction of stress and anxiety, along with reduced ‘brain fog’. 

Those who are following a supervised prescribed course of medical treatment(s) yet are still experiencing related symptoms often seek alternative or complementary treatments / therapy systems to help improve their quality of life and reduce symptoms, pain, discomfort and sleep.

There have been no reported adverse affects from using OBST.  Medical advice and supervision of a licensed medical provider should always be your primary guidance in your health and any treatments.

Those who have implanted electrical or electronic devices should not use Optimum Bio Sound Therapy. 

Some of the examples include pacemaker, cochlear implants, neural implants, etc.

what is optimum bio sound therapy?

Drug-Free, Non-Invasive Pain Therapy

Optimum Bio Sound Therapy (OBST) is an FDA Registered Class I Medical Device that utilizes a proprietary modulation of infrasound frequencies that may reduce pain.  The service is provided in the comfort and convenience of your own home on a monthly subscription basis.

How do you use OBST?

Connect the OBST tablet to your home internet with the Ethernet cable provided.

Sync the approved OBST earbuds provided with the OBST tablet.

Press the OBST ICON to open the Optimum Bio Sound Therapy App.

Personalize your session for length of treatment, screen brightness, and end of session alert.

Insert your earbuds, press START, lie back and relax!

How sound can affect the body

Sound therapy uses low frequencies that fall in the alpha-theta-gamma-delta range, which corresponds to the brainwave frequencies that vibrate in the lower range

Sound Therapy has been used for treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, stress reduction, improved sleep quality, improved circulation and wound recovery and to reduce ‘brain fog’.

Sound is a series of frequency waves that travel through the air and are received by our ears. These waves hit the eardrum, causing it to vibrate and transmit the vibrations deeper into our ear through a fluid-filled tunnel that contains hair cells. These vibrations push and cause the fluid to move in waves, which in turn causes the hair cells to move.  The movement of the hair cells is transmitted from the auditory nerve in the ear to the brain to be decoded.

The brain instructs the body through electrical frequency stimuli. Sound therapy uses low frequencies that fall in the alpha-theta-gamma-delta range, which corresponds to the brainwave frequencies that vibrate in the lower range.

what Does it Cost?

FDA Registration Anniversary Limited Pricing Available

In celebration of our one year FDA Registration for Optimum Bio Sound Therapy we are offering a limited pricing to the next 350 subscribers.

FDA Registration Anniversary Limited Offer Monthly Pricing

$97.50 NZD / $59.50 USD / $79.50 CAD

This offer is only good for the first 12 months of service for new subscribers and does not affect the one-time software integration fee of $1,297 USD

OBST is a streaming service regularly priced at $197 USD monthly.

In order to receive the Optimum Bio Sound Therapy service,

there is a one-time software integration fee of $1,297 USD + applicable taxes and shipping costs.

What is included in the one-time $1,297 USD software integration fee?

  • Apple iPad 10 configured and integrated with the Optimum Bio Sound Therapy App, owned and managed by OBIL as a dedicated OBST device;
  • 3 pair of bluetooth earbuds specifically selected to deliver OBST infrasound frequencies for up to 100 hours each (additional pairs can be purchased for further OBST use);
  • 3 lengths of shielded Cat8 ethernet cable – 1m (3.3′), 15m (49′) and 30m (98′) for customization of your set up;
  • 2 ethernet couplers; and
  • iPad armor case, with glass protection and kickstand.

Optimum Bio Sound Therapy will only function as intended with the equipment platform provided.

All pricing may include applicable local sales tax.

Optimum Bio Sound Therapy Limited is a New Zealand Company.  Service pricing is based in USD. 

Charges will appear on your statement as Optimum Bio Sound. 

$197 USD per month

Plus a one-time $1,297 USD software Integration fee

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